What is it dear?

Just reading in Kashmiri Shivaism and Western Art Critique Theory and finding certain interesting facts and conjectures. 
so verily, having a : 

whatever life in the midst of a multiplicity of lives:

In this way he lived on.

What became of him, what may have happened to him later is outside the scope of our knowledge. For the time being, we have not been able to discover any further traces. Perhaps we may be able to some other time. We will see what endeavors might yet be undertaken. We will wait and see, and as soon as something new might have come to light, assuming that sufficient new interest will have kindly been made known, we will be happy to convey it. (Walser, 1986: 130) 

but visually and mentally i was thinking of this below. 

a great app by the way ..... thanks 

a great app by the way ..... thanks 


then painting in my studio some new things. lol. good luck with that, surya. 

so this other thing in epilog to the readings in saivism also seemed to me relevant to something i was thinking once: 

"It seemed necessary to me to strive for the sensation of effort, and I did not appreciate the happy results that are merely the natural fruits of our innate abilities. In other words, the results in general – and consequently the works – were far less important to me than the energy of the creator – the essential core of the things to which he aspires. This proves that a little theology is to be found everywhere." (Valéry, 1978: 8, trans. Derieg)

so over there

Steven Plount Studio View 2016 

Steven Plount Studio View 2016 

I can't just put that whole business of the theologic aside when concerned with "art" therefore I am out of the times, the social construct times. but not wholly out of time at all. infinite. Well, actually, i have taken up the theologic in art since I picked up a pencil. 

but Its impossible being......  only a part of god moving towards final freedom and completion in the ultimate form. a form very close and similar to god. in that case many theologic arguments are scientifically proven. LOL. 


Due to lots of sorrow,

During early childhood, I rolled in dirt,

And with a dirty body,

I was interested only in drinking milk from breasts.

Insects like fly also bit me often.

Which I was not able to prevent,

And was also attacked by many illness great,

And never did I find time to think of thee oh, Lord Parameshwara.

And so Shambho, be pleased to pardon.

My ignorance, Oh Mahadevea.

Stairs to the Temple Room and Garden Rooftop Baguiati, SP©2016   

Stairs to the Temple Room and Garden Rooftop Baguiati, SP©2016


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hara Hara S'ivaya Hare Hare. Hari OM. Ma Durga Namayah. Om Parvati shivay. Om Ma Kali Om. Om Nama Shivay. 

Knowledge (is) the waking state of consciousness||8||

The dream state of consciousness (is) thoughts and ideations||9||

Non-discernment or lack of awareness (is) the profound sleep of Māyā --delusion--||10||

He is a master of (his) senses1 who is an enjoyer (of the aforesaid "ābhoga"2 or divine delight) in the triad (of waking, dreaming and deep sleep)||11||

There and Back, Nabadwip, ©SP2016 beautiful beautiful nabadwip. 

There and Back, Nabadwip, ©SP2016 beautiful beautiful nabadwip.