Steven Plount is a painter of watercolors and Electronic Paintings.

Plount uses the language of painting as it has developed in both Western European and Asian histories/cultures/philosophies. He is interested in the intimacy and immediacy of mark-making in real-space and in cyberspace to create images of nature and human beings with a spiritual significance. He is interested in taking something beautiful and making it more beautiful. 

He has lived in New Mexico, Colorado, California, New York City, West Bengal, and Oregon. 

He takes his own reference photos and, also, uses selfies/photo-images borrowed from friends on Facebook in India and the United States. And appropriates where appropriate. 

Commissions accepted. Interior designers and dealers are welcome. Please inquire via my contact page here on the site. 

"weren't you astonished
           by the discretion
                of human gesture
on Attic grave steles?

       Didn't love and parting
             sit so lightly
on shoulders
      that they seemed
         to be made of a substance
different from ours? 
        Do you recall
            how the hands rest
without any pressure
         though there is great
             strength in the torsos? 
Those figures spoke
        a language of self-mastery
              we've come to this point
this is us
             touching this way
                              the gods
may push us around
       but that is something
               for them to decide."        

Rainer Rilke, Duino Elegies, #2, translation: David Young, Oberlin College. 


S.P. 2014
{editied May 25, 2017 ©sp/mww}

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Selected Exhibits and Resume

2014-2017  Birch Tree Acrylic on Birch Panel Paintings, Lotus and Chakra Watercolors
Hunt and Gather -Treasures for the Home and Soul, Pearl District, Portland OR

2013  Birch Tree Paintings and Lotus Watercolors Hunt and Gather -Treasures for the Home and Soul,
            Pearl District, Portland OR

2012  Birch Tree Paintings (Silver Sky Diptych and others) , Hunt and Gather. Pearl District, Portland OR 

            Sun Flowerhouse, Donation to Music As Medicine, Leftbank Annex, Portland OR
            Flowerhouse Paintings, Really Big Video, Portland, OR

            Eight Sky Buddhas Donation to Online Benefit Auction for Maitripa College, Portland OR

            13th Street First Thursday Arts Festival, Pearl District, Portland OR

2011  Drawings for Earthlings, Impermanent Natural Object Drawings at Sravasti Abbey. Photos and Photo

            Manipulations in Photoshop: Drawing for Avalokitesvara with Pine Needles; Woodchip Offering

            with woodchips, bark and pine needles; Drawing for Vajrasattva/Vajre Mamemuntsa,

            with dried and weathered pinecones and freshly fallen pinecones. Sravasti Abbey,  Newport WA

            Leaf Drawing, Tanner Springs Park Sidewalk, Portland OR

            The Foundation of All Good Qualities, Bid for Good, Online Benefit Auction for Maitripa College,
             Portland OR

            Sold! On Sisters, Sisters of the Road Online, Portland, OR

            Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) Juried Art Auction, The Memorial Coliseum, Portland OR

            Mus Liaqat Logo Commissions, Portland, OR

2010  Hidden Among the Leaves, September/October, MilePost 5, Portland, OR 

            Small Works and a Commission, Crank Bike Shop, Portland, OR

            Five Monks, On the Occasion of the Building of the House of Colored Sand for the God of

            Compassion at the Portland Public Library, 2010, donated to the Shakyamuni Tibetan Buddhist

            Center and the Monks, Portland OR

            Sketchbook Project, Arthouse, Brooklyn NY, Atlanta GA

2009  The Future in Retrospect: COTR, Worksound,  Portland OR

            Manor of Art Invitational, Mile Post 5, Portland OR

            Brooklyn Comes East, Mill Creek, Long Island, NY

            Native Soul Youth Benefit Auction, Albuquerque, NM

2008  Night of a Thousand Drawings Benefit Artists Space, New York, NY 

            World Watercolor Painting Federation World Art Exhibit, Seoul, Korea

2007  MFA Thesis Exhibit, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

            Open Studios, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

            Book Arts, Pratt Institute Library, Brooklyn, NY

2006Spring, Autumn Open Studio, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

            World Watercolor Painting Federation World Art Festival, Seoul, Korea

2005  Small Gems Group Exhibit, Sandy Carson Gallery, Denver, CO

            Autumn Open Studio, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

            Pratt Masters Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

2004Group Exhibit, Works on Paper, Sandy Carson Gallery, Denver, CO

            Sap Demons Installation, HAZMAT Art Space @ Pirate Gallery, Denver, CO

            Odalisque and Untitled: Study for the Legend of St. Julien, Honors Thesis Exhibit, Metropolitan State

            College of Denver’s Center for Visual Arts, Denver, CO

            Quartets and New Paintings, Fresh Art Gallery, Denver CO

2003  Big Wallpaper, Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibit, Metro State Denver, CO

            Dreamscicle, ILK Art Space @ Pirate Gallery Open Show, Denver, CO

            A Lament, Curtis Center For the Humanities, Englewood, CO

            Momentum, Fresh Art, Denver, CO

            Written Image/Painted Word, Ten Laments, Invitational, Museum of Outdoor Art, Englewood, CO 

            Soft, Invitational, Fresh Art, Denver, CO

            Four Views of Denver, CoNet, Denver, CO

2002  Pulp; Works Of, On or About Paper, Fresh Art, Denver, CO

            Open Heart Project Art Auction, Fresh Art, Denver, CO

            Ten Laments, Fresh Art, Denver, CO

2001  Encaustic Evolution, Fresh Art, Denver, CO

            Four Views of Denver, CoNet, Denver, CO

2000Open Studio, Denver, CO

1999  Abstract Paintings, Chair Series, Studio 1818, Denver, CO                

            Open Studio, Piggly Wiggly-McMarr Building Studios, Denver, CO

1996     Monothon 10, College of Santa Fe, NM

1995Solo Exhibit, Paintings and Tapestries, Artists Series at Andre’s,

            Solo Exhibit, Pastels and Tapestries, Red One Gallery, Old Town, NM

1994  Black Tapestry: The River, Colorés Museum Invitational, Corrales, NM

1993Pastels and Tapestries, Artists Series at Andre’s, Albuquerque, NM

            Savage Garden Series, Sanguine/Charcoal Drawings & Tapestry Albuquerque United Artists

            Visions of Excellence Juried Exhibit, Albuquerque, NM

            Savage Garden Series: Shroud. Annual Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Print Juried Exhibit, Fuller

            Lodge Art Center, Los Alamos, NM

1992  Manzano Mountain Spirits-The Anthropomorphs, Group Exhibit Dartmouth Street Gallery,   

            Albuquerque, NM 

            Solo Exhibit: Paintings & Drawings, Spotted Dog Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

1991Solo Exhibit, Paintings & Drawings, Restaurant Albuquerque, NM

1990  Tapestries, Group Show at Weavings/Southwest, Taos NM

            Albuquerque United Artists, Juried Exhibit


2007    Master of Fine Arts,  Pratt Institute,  Brooklyn, NY

2004Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Music cum laude Metropolitan State University of Denver, CO

1991Certificate Graphic Design. The Art Center, Albuquerque, NM

74/78Music and Fine Art, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

72/74Music, Shasta Junior College, Redding, CA


2009Adolf and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Emergency Grant, New York, NY

05/07   Pratt Institute, Graduate Painting Scholarship Drawing Resource Center Graduate Assistantship

2003Metropolitan State University of Denver Vice-President’s Honor Roll 

2002Metropolitan State University of Denver President’s Honor Roll

            Golden Key International Honor Society, Colorado Scholars Scholarship